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  1. tongues

    • tongue的名詞複數
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    • Tongue 'N Chic<----means?

      tongue in cheek ”有時候年輕人在網路上會偷懶或故意寫成 tongue 'n chic ,看起來比較酷又新鮮。 tongue in cheek 就是把舌頭頂住腮幫子,好強迫自己不要笑出來。用來形容:“開玩笑...

    • "tongue"的由來?

      tongue這個字源自古英文的tunge see p.1322 The New International...of the English Language deluxe encyclopedic edition (1996) tongue與ton的母音相同,但兩者最後的子音不同,前者是[有尾巴的n],後者是[n...

    • smoked tongue

      "smoked tongue" means 熏製的舌頭. Therefore, "we have smoked...2012-02-12 13:12:34 補充: Chinese has "pot roasted tongue". I wonder which cuisine has "smoked tongue"