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  1. not a moment too soon

    • ph.
      almost too late
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    • ph.
      almost too late

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 各路英文 高手請進

      too...to本身的意思是 太...以致於無法... 如 He is too young to go to school他太小所以不能上學 TOO SOON TO RENEW 可翻成 太快了以致於無法更新

    • 怎麼翻譯 too little too son ?

      too little too soon 之誤吧? 是"來的太早"之意

    • 問一下這一句的英文文法

      ... was aggravated by his attempt to run again too soon. 這位跑者所受的傷因為他太早試圖跑步而更加惡化了. 即使suffer前面不用had...