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    • 請問商業英文.....pass along to

      ... you for your reply. My question is, will there be any tooling charges passed along to us for the 100 samples? I would like to proceed providing...

    • G-codes

      提出的G代碼為編程新的作用 G編碼號: 作用 G31 :對Bezier曲線的Toolradius報償,抵銷了左 G32 :對Bezier曲線的Toolradius報償,抵銷了正確的G33 :用工具加工行動沿空間圓弧(短比半圓) G34...

    • 加油站裡擦玻璃用的T型工具,英文叫什麼?

      squeegee 橡膠清潔器 a hoe-shaped tool with a rubber edge or plate, for cleaning windows, removing water...