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  1. top someone up

    • ph.
      refill a partly full glass or cup for someone
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    • in bed vs on bed

      1. on the bed - literally means a person is on top of the bed, whether lying down, sitting, or ... by a blanket, giving the sense that someone is in bed; this also implies that someone ...

    • 英文達人可以幫我看看這內容文法對嗎?

      ...contract’s visagiste speaker in a beauty product company.I wish I’m not only a top make-up designer, also expect to be able to pass techniques and my knowledge that someone they needier by way of teach. 2006-04-16 04:12:10 補充: 彩妝師 = beautician...

    • 急!請各位先進幫幫忙idioms~簡單造句~謝謝您

      ... soulmate. 25.I feel like I'm on the top of the world after he proposed to me with a diamond... it weren't for the money I'd give up doing other's homework. 29.He decided...