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  1. top something up

    • ph.
      add to a number or amount to bring it up to a certain level
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    • 加油的英文 是汽車加油 不是打氣

      我想最好的說法應是top (something) up 這是我在新加坡學到的,非常實用, I need to top up the petrol.(我需要去...想說, I think the petrol has been running out. we need to top up it. 還可以用在其他地方,例如你的儲值卡內的金額用完了,你要去ATM加值...

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      Correction from top post Hi,John. What's up? 2)Not much. New answers: A smart _ can make people...

    • 急!請各位先進幫幫忙idioms~簡單造句~謝謝您

      ... soulmate. 25.I feel like I'm on the top of the world after he proposed to me with a diamond... it weren't for the money I'd give up doing other's homework. 29.He decided...