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      ...國立成功大學建築系林憲德教授指出台北101被設計迎合人們對於財富與階級的強烈傾向。 It's structure, with a wide top and a narrow base, wastes 30~40% in steel reinforcing beams and is a huge waste in natural...

    • 可以請英文高手幫我英翻中一下嗎?謝謝

      ... to the assembly law in the wake of huge controversies sparked by a recent visit China's top envoy. 許多大學生昨天持續在台北自由廣場靜坐抗議,要求更改集會遊行法,更由於最近中國外交使節的來訪,造成...

    • 指教ㄧ個聽力英文問題 感謝

      ... especially _ in-light_ of recent comments from top people in his administration. They got... is excellent! I hope other people can do the same thing like you. Instead of ...