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  1. topping lift

    • n.
      a rope or cable on a sailing vessel that supports the weight of a boom or yard and can be used to lift it.
    • noun: topping lift, plural noun: topping lifts

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      Top Rank是「頂級」的意思。 整句的意思是: Teno的快速成功已將他的事業推到美國醫學界頂端的地位。

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      ...position: Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds. From top down. 1:34 And the first move is a triple lift. Now, to get ready for this is pretty simple, because we have a four card...

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      1. pneumatic cover1.氣壓式上蓋 2. hand-lift top cover2.手掀式上蓋 3. shelf (shelf for instruments placed experiment supplies) 3.置物架(用於儀器內放置實驗用品的架子)