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    • 火把,啟發之物
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    • We will hand on the torch...

      1. hand on (v.t.)原意是交出(文件)或是傳遞(文件);後來引申為將傳統的事物或文化傳給後代所以這裡的用法應該無誤2. torch(n.)原意是火把或是火炬;這裡比喻文化或是知識的光3. hand down(v.t.)指將(習慣)或是(財產)傳遞給下一代

    • (20點)英文高手幫我翻譯這篇cnn新聞 急!!!!!

      The Olympic torch arrived Monday in Oman amid tight security and...進口國家! Authorities have promised a trouble-free torch relay with a party-like atmosphere, including musical ...

    • 急! 麻煩請英文高手幫忙翻譯成中文

      The Torch Festival is celebrated in the southwestern...保護當地農夫的農作物. During the festival, very large torches,which are made from pine wood, are ...