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  1. total football

    • n.
      an attacking style of play in which every outfield player is able to play in any position as required during the course of a game.
    • noun: total football

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      ...滿多的 當然也是不通用啦! 像game在計總分的時候,用total來表示 絕不會有人用amount或aggregate來計分吧? amount... is the aggregate of goals from the two football matches? 兩場橄欖球賽的總進球數是多少? 這是...

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      ... at football. or He shines in football. 2)或是你是想用shine一般的意思(ex.閃亮,優秀..)來形容...這個字變成名詞來用。 例如:你可以說:wow...she's a total shiner! 哇...她真的超優的! 不過要注意一下,說一個...

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      Q 1. Ans: C. to make a situation seem much worse than it really is. Q 2. Ans: C. The word "hooligan" now only describe violent football fans.