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  1. touch

    • KK[tʌtʃ]
    • DJ[tʌtʃ]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:touched 過去分詞:touched 現在分詞:touching

    • 名詞複數:touches

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 接觸,碰到
    • 2. 觸摸 She lightly touched his forehead. 她輕輕地摸了摸他的前額。
    • 3. (常與否定詞連用)碰;亂動 Don't touch the exhibits. 不要碰展覽品。
    • 4. (常與否定詞連用)達到,比得上 Few students in our school can touch him in music. 在音樂方面,我們學校很少有學生能與他相比。
    • 5. 觸動,感動 I was touched beyond words. 我感動莫名。
    • 6. 用輕巧的筆法勾畫出[(+in)]
    • 7. 【書】涉及,關係到 They did not touch this topic in their talk. 他們在會談中沒有觸及這個問題。
    • 8. 使接觸
    • 9. 停泊
    • 10. 使輕度受害;影響 The rain touched the crops. 這場雨使莊稼受害。


    • 1. 接觸,碰到 They sat so close that their heads nearly touched. 他們坐得那麼近,頭都差不多碰到一起了。
    • 2. 觸摸
    • 3. 與……有關,涉及[(+on/upon)]
    • 4. 接近,近手[(+on)]
    • 5. (簡略地)論及,提到[(+on/upon)] In his talk he touched on/upon the state of affairs in Latin America. 談話中他提到了拉丁美洲的局勢。
    • 6. 靠岸[(+at)] Our ship is to touch at Hongkong tomorrow morning. 我們的船將於明天上午停靠香港。


    • 1. 觸覺[U]
    • 2. 觸感[S]
    • 3. 觸,碰[S1] It will break at a touch. 那東西一碰就破。
    • 4. 接觸,聯繫[U] Let's stay in touch. 我們保持聯絡。
    • 5. 格調,風格;特點[S]
    • 6. 裝點;潤色[C] He's added a few finishing touches to his novel. 他給小說作了最後潤飾。
    • 7. 特長,才能[S] He has a touch with birds. 他擅長養鳥。
    • 8. 少許,一點[S][(+of)] The young man recited his poems with a touch of pride. 那個青年帶點驕傲地朗誦他的詩作。
    • 9. 【橄】【足】邊線以外地區[U]


    vi. & vt. 接觸,碰到

    vt. 感動

    vt. 借;討

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