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  1. touchscreen


    • n.
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    • 工作需要英文翻譯

      ...a hard freeze of a system while receiving input from the connected touchscreen. 所觀察到的問題是從觸摸顯示器(touch screen)接收輸入(receiving input...

    • 急 請幫我翻譯以下科技英文

      ...virtual hard drive 虛擬硬碟驅動器 11. enterprise resource planning 企業資源規劃 12. touchscreen 觸控螢幕 13. computer scientist 計算機科學家 14. disk repartition 磁盤重新分區...

    • NDS 簡單英文介紹(20點)

      ... screens for double the action, and excitinggameplay possibilities.TouchScreen TechnologyGetpulled in like never before with intuitive touch technology on the...