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    tow net

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    • 有誰能幫我翻譯這篇文章~謝謝!

      ”讓充份的絞盤有力量是重要的可得當在多岩石的底部上拖的時候。 當它變成寬鬆的時候,使用齋戒或者媒體反應使絞盤能夠抵抗牢繫的工具而且恢復網。” ”當拖一張遠洋的網時候,選擇遠洋的模態。 這刺激背景而且控制最好地對遠洋的釣魚被適合的功能。 遠洋的模態能被和自動的...

    • 請幫我把中文翻譯成英文~謝謝~~

      ... with the shoulder on serves" as for to tow the ball and 扣球 ~ The high 手拖 ball if ... to understand the rule 1. cannot touch the net 2. to serve cannot pick the line 3. 吊球 time ...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下英文句子..中翻英..(不要用電腦翻...)

      ...very much 5.I may help but actually trash in the home, tow, to sweep the floor..Family work 6.I can at the idle time listens to the music, to access the net..Or plays the basketball 8.I like ...