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    • 幫幫忙中翻英也是急件(部要用翻譯軟體歐)

      ... for newspaper and radio board casting advertisingUsing these two advertisement paths can spread the information widely to public, which is very high efficient.For...

    • 中翻英 - Converging performance

      ...definition, it says "converging paths" means two paths converge to an intersection (a point). That is why it says "...

    • IMTOT題目解析幫忙翻譯~~

      回答 讓n = 2k 。我們必須執行至少2k2 測試因為各個結必須至少被介入 一個測試。我們聲稱這個最低界面可能被獲得。標記結(i; j) 1 · i · 2k 和1 · j · 2k 。在主要對角線, 我們執行測試之間(i; i) 和 (k + i; k + i) 為1 · i · k. O® 主要對角線, 我們執行測試...