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  1. town

    • KK[taʊn]
    • DJ[taun]


    • n.
      鎮;市鎮[C];(與農村相對而言)城市;都市生活[the S]
    • 名詞複數:towns

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 鎮;市鎮[C] He was born in a small town fifty miles away from Chicago. 他出生在距芝加哥五十英里的一個小鎮上。
    • 2. (與農村相對而言)城市;都市生活[the S]
    • 3. 市區;市內商業區,中心區[U] My husband is out of town just now. 我先生出門到外地去了。 We're going to town this Saturday. 我們打算星期六到城裡去。
    • 4. 【英】倫敦[U]
    • 5. (全體)鎮民,市民[the S][G] The whole town is/are against the plan. 全體鎮民都反對這項計畫。


    n. 鎮;城市;都市


    「n. 城市;市區」的反義字

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    • town可以翻譯成神們 ?

      ...無法適應各國的具體情況,未被普遍採用。儘管小城市或鎮在英語裏面被廣泛譯為town或small city,但漢語的「城鎮」、「鎮」、「集鎮」與「村鎮」,有不同內涵...

    • 在市中心是in town?

      In town. Basically, there is not need for the word "the", town is town. But if you say "市中心", I'd use "the town centre/center". 'Coz there should be only one town centre...

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