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  1. towns

    • town的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n. 鎮;市鎮[C]

    • He was born in a small town fifty miles away from Chicago. 他出生在距芝加哥五十英里的一個小鎮上。

    • n. 城鎮

    • a small country town 小鄉鎮

      she's out of town at the moment 她眼下不在城裡

    • 城,鎮,城市,都市,市區

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    • ph. 在城中; 在鎮上

    • Every morning he got up early and drove his truck full of fruit to the market in town. 每天早上他很早起床, 然後開著載滿水果的卡車去鎮上的市場。

    • ph. 美國市內二層樓或三層樓多棟聯建住宅

    • ph. 開普敦(南非共和國立法首都)

    • ph. (英國1945年後按新的規劃建設的)新城

    • ph. 火車停車裝水的小鎮

    • ph. 【英】郊外住宅區

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    • town可以翻譯成神們 ?

      ...無法適應各國的具體情況,未被普遍採用。儘管小城市或鎮在英語裏面被廣泛譯為town或small city,但漢語的「城鎮」、「鎮」、「集鎮」與「村鎮」,有不同內涵...

    • town of cats

      ...年輕人造訪貓城。 What is the function or significance of the inner story “Town of Cats”(the one in which a young man travels to a town of ...

    • 在市中心是in town?

      In town. Basically, there is not need for the word "the", town is town. But if you say "市中心", I'd use "the town centre/center". 'Coz there should be only one town centre...