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    • 國小程度英文句子問題...但我不會:(

      1. I like (a) a radio (b) toy car (c)cookies 答案是c...請問a哪裡錯了 本是的語意...不包括全體。2. Mary and her sister go to the library on (a)evening (b)Sundays(c)every saturday. 這題應選...

    • 急急急~~~~~英文----句子用介係詞改寫

      ...back to the library. Of course, I’ll take them back to the library. 4.Don’t forget to put away your toys. No problem, I’ll put them away. 5.Don’t forget to...

    • 幫我檢查一下文法-----英文

      1. Don't play with that stupid bargain and (the) crazy toy, Okay?Let`s eat some chocolate. 2. "... do my homework with this ink (in) the island's library??" yelled Mr. John "...