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  1. trace back

    • vt.
      追溯; 追蹤
    • 釋義


    • 1. 追溯; 追蹤 to trace footprints/a trail back to sth. 追蹤腳印/蹤跡到某處 the root of the problem was traced back to ... 最後查出問題的根源是…
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    • 1題選擇題 date/trace back to

      ...two halves: (1) The difference between "trace back" and "date back" For "trace back.... 2012-10-13 13:35:10 補充: "date back" just to specify the date or time it originates...

    • 這題答案是(請解釋date back ..)

      date back 應該是用主動 而 be trace back to 要用被動 前面要有Be動詞 所以選(A)吧... 應該是...有錯誤請見諒

    • date back to 的代換

      ...from a Greek myth. (這個片語源自於一則希臘神話) The phrase can be traced back to a Greek myth. (這個片語的來源可回溯自希臘神話) 兩者意思其實差不多...