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  1. tracked

    • track的動詞過去式、過去分詞
  2. 知識+

    • on track的用法

      on track: 進展順利; 進展如預期: If the peace talks remain on track, an agreement can be expected by the end of...behind schedule on this job, so we need to get back on track right after the holidays. 我門工作進度落後...

    • 英文有關TRACK的問題

      你的例子的解釋有兩個較失真了 keep track of something 這應該是指繼續追縱某個東西, 最常見的是包裹...有人幫你做review, 他可能就會說, you are on the right track, 就是你現在所實施的方法是正確的, 繼續往這個方向做...

    • 翻譯;track & song的差別

      track的字典解釋義為: 「one of several songs or pieces of music on a CD or other musical recording」 track在CD裡面代表著幾首歌,例句讓你更明白: The album includes...