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  1. tract home


    • n.
      a house forming part of a housing estate.
    • noun: tract house, plural noun: tract houses

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      ...膀胱感染?註:bladder infections= Urinary Tract Infection (泌尿道感染 UTI)︶ 答:膀胱...prevent UTI?Are elderly individuals at home or in extended care facilities more susceptible...

    • 請英文高手幫我英翻中~謝謝!急!(不要翻譯軟體), these 165 patients received 1,358 home visits, 2,751 outpatient visits, and 108 inpatient... at discharge from the hospital were urinary tract infection and pneumonia. 結果:醫院的居家療養代理商在 2001...

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      ...prospective study toevaluate risk factors for mortality from lower respiratory tract infections in nursing home residents, 3 較年長的成人的功能對參考的效果肺炎結果已經引起相矛盾...