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    • 美國雙子星大樓英文簡介20點!!

      The World Trade Center in New York City (sometimes...In initial plans made public in 1961, the World Trade Center was slated to...

    • 長英文句分不清動詞

      ..., (which has far outpaced) in recent years the growth of world trade in final goods. 第一,這句話的動詞到底是, lies還是behind 答:動詞...

    • 請問這句話的中文翻譯???

      供您參考: trade in just about everything from cheese to chicken-wire 從事幾乎所有可能的物品的買賣,從乳酪到做雞籠用的六角形網眼輕質鐵絲網。 Trade in在此不做’ 以舊換新’的解釋