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  1. trailer truck

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    • 翻譯: 貨櫃聯結車,雲梯車,農耕機

      1. 貨櫃聯結車 Semi-trailer (truck), sometimes, in US, people call it 18 wheeler. 圖片...11 14:10:31 補充: Besides 18 wheeler, these semi trailer trucks are also called big rig, semi, tractor-trailer...

    • 請問關於Hitch&Hitchhike差別在哪?

      hitch 可以指勾上的意思。 例: I hitched a trailer onto my truck. 我在我的卡車上勾了一部拖車。 或 hitch 也可以是撘便車的意思 例: ...

    • 請幫忙將內容翻譯成英文

      ... I mail it back,should I pay the fare? Because both the truck engine and the trailer have broken and the paint also peeled, I would like to replace the...