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  1. traitors

    • traitor的名詞複數
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    • 請問這兩句英文...中文怎麼翻?

      ...有點唯恐天下不亂的意思) 2010-11-09 01:34:37 補充: count= be of great importance traitors=判國賊 treachery=判亂(罪) expect=指望, 期待 deeds=行為舉止(=demeanor) ...

    • 壹句英文 ..

      ... who betrays me will never be my friend! (照翻的) Traitor! You'll never be my friend anymore! Betray me, huh? ...

    • 翻譯: 貨櫃聯結車,雲梯車,農耕機

      ...trailer", because this kind of vehicle has TWO separate units: traitor (prime mover, has the power to pull), trailer (the cargo where stuffs for...