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  1. transmissions

    • transmission的名詞複數
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    • Transmission Lines 原文翻譯@@

      6.3 Propagation on Transmission Lines 6.3 傳輸線的傳輸 When dc or...the signal wavelength, it should be considered a transmission line. 當考慮直流或低頻率信號時, 傳導路徑如導線...

    • Transmission Lines 原文翻譯@@

      ...因為以對地(地線)而言他們不是對稱的(外層導線通常接地) Parallel-line transmission lines are also common. They are not used for signal...

    • 汽車專業英文字彙翻譯

      transmission是指動力傳送器(the parts by which power is carried from an engine to the wheels that produce movement in a vehicle or motor) 汽車零件transmission shaft就是指傳送軸 所以, transmission service reqd ( = required ), 就是指動力...