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    transmit electricity
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    transmit electrity

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    • 一些關於science的英文問題 急 20點喔

      ... or radiance of light conductivity =The ability or power to conduct or transmit heat, electricity. melting point = To be changed from a solid to a liquid state...

    • 幫我看一下這篇作文那裡有錯誤! 18th century, ---> Since humanbeings have discovered electricity in 18th century, In order to enjoy modern life or saving one’s time, not only transmit in hardware but also in software, ---> In order to enjoy the modern life or save...

    • 麻煩幫我看看 幾句英文口語簡報

      ... provides an RFID tag enough energy to transmit the ID back to the reader, accomplishing the...electromagnetic induction(電磁感應) 7.Magnetic field to generate electricity. 8.So tag(標籤) have enoough power to return ID...