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  1. trash can

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    • 1. 垃圾桶 We picked up our trash and put it in the trash can. 我們撿拾了垃圾放入垃圾桶裡。 There are many trash cans in the park. 公園裡有很多垃圾桶。



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      1. Sort your garbage into the right trash can. 2.For the management of general waste, the trash can is put behind the emergency...

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      ...example, plastic, glass, metal, paper and acalyte ... etc. Once done, prepare one trash can for each type of materials and sort out trash according to different...

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      chair 椅子television 電視機trash can 垃圾桶computer 電腦table 餐桌desk 書桌closet 衣櫃bed 床鋪fork 叉子glass 玻璃杯 2006...television is in front of the table.trash can→You should put it into the trash→I love playing the computer games on weekend.table→...