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  1. travel agency

    • IPA[ˈtravəl ˈājənsē]


    • n.
      an agency that makes the necessary arrangements for travelers, especially the booking of airline tickets and hotel rooms.
    • noun: travel agency, plural noun: travel agencies

  2. 知識+

    • business plan in travel agency

      ...someone who is working(or had been worked) for travel agency , maybe your coworker, if you got a job from that company already. ...

    • 這句英文文法

      ...travle agency of mall 還是怪怪的. 如果, 你要表達的意思是說, mall裏開店的那家travel agency有很多資訊? 那應該是, the travel agency at mall...強調的是mall的那家, 不是十字路...

    • [英文翻譯]holidays in which...

      ...是一個自然人, 就算是個體戶也是個公司. 要用 travel agency. 不能用 travel要用travel tickets. Travel... usually are arranged by travel agencys. My travel tickets and hotel ...