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    • Travel agentg是什麼意思?

      travel agent 是像中文說的旅行社的人員, 幫人訂機票, 飯店, 安排旅遊行程等等. 複數可以加s. 例句: I have a great travel agent who helped me save a lot of money on this trip.

    • 請問有誰知道〝pax〞是什麼意思??

      Hi I guess you heard this from your travel agent. 1. PAX is acronym for "passenger" or "person"...

    • 片語英翻中(簡單,急需,謝謝)急集集及集集

      1. travel agent Please make a call to travel agent to arrange the itinerary like to have a window seat? 2012-01-03 17:16:53 補充: 1. travel agent=旅行社; 2. I would like to make a reservation=我需要一預訂服務(如...