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  1. treat

    • IPA[triːt]



    • vt.
      對待; 處理;款待
    • n.
      樂趣; 款待; 美食;請客
    • 過去式:treated 過去分詞:treated 現在分詞:treating

    • 名詞複數:treats

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 對待; 處理 to treat sb. well/badly 對某人好/不好 to treat everybody the same 對大家一視同仁
    • 2. 款待 go on, have it, I'll treat you 來吧,吃吧,我請你 to treat sb. to sth. 款待某人某物
    • 3. 治療 to treat sb. for sth. 為某人治療某疾病 she's being treated for cancer 她正在接受癌症治療
    • 4. 處理; 塗 to treat sth. against damp/fire 對某物進行防潮/防火處理 the fabric's been treated to make it fire-resistant 這種織物經過了防火處理


    • 1. 樂趣; 款待; 美食 a birthday treat 生日款待 as a special treat, I was allowed to ... 作為特別優待,我獲准…
    • 2. 請客 sb.'s treat 某人請客 (this is or it's) my treat (是)我請客


    1. behave towards or deal with in a certain way

    2. regard something as being of a specified nature with implications for one's actions concerning it

    3. present or discuss (a subject)

    4. give medical care or attention to; try to heal or cure

    5. apply a process or a substance to (something) to protect or preserve it or to give it particular properties

    6. provide someone with (food, drink, or entertainment) at one's own expense

    7. negotiate terms with someone, especially an opponent

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      sweet treats 是指 「好吃的甜食」。 treat 不一定是「點心」,是好吃的東西。朗文字典...的東西。 美國小孩過萬聖節,敲門要糖,人家一打開門就說 Trick or treat,「你要我整你還是要給我好吃的糖」,就是這樣的用法。 2012-03-12 23...

    • 請問各位英語達人~treat with的用法~急

      treat 是及物動詞,後面應該要接受詞而不是介係詞,所以基本上treat with不是一個片語,它的用法應該是寫成:treat A with...來治療這個病人)補充: 我敢說你的字典一定是英漢字典,treat可以當不及物動詞的用法,我翻遍各大英英字典,沒有看到...

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      every year this musical treat is a sell-out event 每年這個音樂饗宴都是一票難求的活動 treat 是名詞...