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  1. treat

    • IPA[trēt]


    • v.
      behave toward or deal with in a certain way;regard something as being of a specified nature with implications for one's actions concerning it
    • n.
      an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure;used with a possessive adjective to indicate that the person specified is paying for food, entertainment, etc., for someone else
    • verb: treat, 3rd person present: treats, gerund or present participle: treating, past tense: treated, past participle: treated

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    • 問一個英文單字treat

      sweet treats 是指 「好吃的甜食」。 treat 不一定是「點心」,是好吃的東西。朗文字典...的東西。 美國小孩過萬聖節,敲門要糖,人家一打開門就說 Trick or treat,「你要我整你還是要給我好吃的糖」,就是這樣的用法。 2012-03-12 23...

    • 請問各位英語達人~treat with的用法~急

      treat 是及物動詞,後面應該要接受詞而不是介係詞,所以基本上treat with不是一個片語,它的用法應該是寫成:treat A with...來治療這個病人)補充: 我敢說你的字典一定是英漢字典,treat可以當不及物動詞的用法,我翻遍各大英英字典,沒有看到...

    • treat??treat??treat??

      every year this musical treat is a sell-out event 每年這個音樂饗宴都是一票難求的活動 treat 是名詞...