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  1. tremendously

    • IPA[trɪˈmendəsli]



    • adv.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 非常 tremendously rich/big/pleased/proud 極富有/特別大/非常高興/極其自豪的 to admire/respect/like sb. tremendously 非常欽佩/尊敬/喜歡某人
    • 2. 極好地 the team are playing tremendously 隊員們表現很棒
  2. 知識+

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      ...people are superstitious about death at sea. 許多人對在海上遇難存有迷信。 4. tremendously They cost a tremendous amount of money. 他們花去了一大筆錢。 5. reliable...

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      Glad to offer help, if that's not " tremendously" long to correct your autobiography! 圖片參考:

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      As freight charges has gone up tremendously, please add 5% to our ex-factory prices for airfreight to Taipei...