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    • 翻譯不能用翻譯軟體翻

      這位大大的意思好像是: LACOS功能架構和人機界面的顯示配置,強調共同的解決辦法和之間的分歧三個示威者的車輛。技術測試,以驗證功能表演發達LACOS系統期間進行了項目整合審判。 當然, durung這些試驗中,顯示LACOS車輛常見問題...

    • 醫藥相關之中翻英 (贈20點)

      ...good doctor-patient relationship. However, previous trials of drug response team bottling standards... with the degree of accuracy, it requires manufacturers or test team detail, but so far has not yet...

    • (超急)請翻譯高手幫我把這一段中文翻譯成英文,要正確的。謝謝

      ...period of time to effectively improve the favorable domestic robot manufacturers in R & D costs while ...method (DEMATEL, Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) of the...