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  1. triangle trade

    • KK[ˋtraɪ͵æŋg! tred]
    • DJ[ˋtraiæŋgl treid]


    • ph.
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    • 以下需要中文翻英文, 請幫幫忙

      1. I have alreadys worked for many years before this job. or I have already accumulated many years of work experience before this job. 2. international trade 3. business administration 4. Triangle trade

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      ...for learning foreign languages. The application of software for triangle trade program enforces their learning effects as well. ...

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      ...throughout 遍佈 thunder 打雷 tip 小費 尖端 tongue 舌頭 tower 塔 track 足跡 跟蹤 trade 商業 tradition 傳統 trap 陷阱 treat 威脅 trial ;磨煉 triangle 三角形 trick 詭計 trousers 長褲 truck 卡車 trumpet 喇叭 trust 相信...