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  1. trick out

    • ph.
      打扮, 裝飾
    • 釋義


    • 1. 打扮, 裝飾 tricked herself out in all her finery 把她自己竭盡所能打扮起來
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    • 英文片語run out/short of

      ...到一個條件之後就沒有了(不是指永遠都沒有) 例句: 1. We were tricked out of our savings. 2. We're out of coffee. 簡潔...

    • 只求一個英文單字~10點

      ...zhuang shi ㄓㄨㄤ ㄕˋ 1. to adorn; to decorate; to dress up; to deck out; to trick out; to drape with; Am.) to fuss up 2. decoration; adornment; embellishment; ornament...

    • skill和trick....

      ...tricked me into making a mistake. 他們騙我犯錯。 2. 裝飾,打扮[(+out/up/off)] She tricked herself up for the banquet. 她打扮整齊去赴宴會。 1. 哄騙 2. 惡作劇;戲弄...