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  1. trick-or-treated

    • trick-or-treat的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • TRICK OR TREAT 的由來 英文的

      "Trick or treat" redirects here. For other uses, see... for treats such as candy with the question, "Trick or treat?" The "trick" part of "trick or treat...

    • 很急歐 萬聖節 trick or treat的歌哪裡有?

      Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet It was...sake?" and heard, Chorus: "Trick or treat, smell my feet. Give me something...

    • 萬聖節韻文

      還有很多 Trick-or-Treat Smell my feet Give...small, Maybe the size of Montreal. Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Give ...