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  1. trigonometric function

    • n.
      a function of an angle, or of an abstract quantity, used in trigonometry, including the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant, and their hyperbolic counterparts.
    • noun: trigonometric function, plural noun: trigonometric functions

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      The tangent function is one of trigonometric functions. The graph of tangent function...補充: The problem you asked is one of trigonometric fonctions---tangent function(f(x)=tanx) It...

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      ... major 3. progression-級數 polynomial-多項式 exponent-指數 對數-log 三角函數-trigonometric function 正弦-sine 餘弦-cosine 正切-tangent 餘切-cotengent 正割-secant餘割-cosecant...