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  1. triumph

    • IPA[ˈtrʌɪʌmf]


    • n.
      a great victory or achievement;the state of being victorious or successful
    • v.
      achieve a victory; be successful;rejoice or exult at a victory or success
    • verb: triumph, 3rd person present: triumphs, gerund or present participle: triumphing, past tense: triumphed, past participle: triumphed

    • noun: triumph, plural noun: triumphs

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    • IPA[ˈtrīəmf]


    • n.
      a great victory or achievement: a garden built to celebrate Napoleon's many triumphs
    • v.
      achieve a victory; be successful: spectacle has once again triumphed over content

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      success成功, victory勝利, triumph凱旋 就好像 good, better, the best 這種比較級一樣 三個都可以...success說起來還要再更有力(powerful)一些 triumph則是最高級的用法 *但是如果你把triumph這個字用在自己身上會顯得有點驕傲自大 所以多半不會用這個字來形容自己...

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      ...1. 一個用意志、勇氣戰勝逆境的真實故事 ... Hers is a story of triumph against all odds 2. "White Coat, White ...

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      ... only was the Erie Canal an engineering triumph, it quickly proved a financial success as well. (伊利運河不僅是一項工程上...