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  1. trouble

    • IPA[ˈtrʌbl]



    • n.
      問題;紛爭; 打鬥; 動亂
    • npl.
    • vt.
    • v refl
    • vi.
    • 過去式:troubled 過去分詞:troubled 現在分詞:troubling

    • 名詞複數:troubles

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 問題 what's the trouble? 出甚麼事了? to cause or give (sb.) trouble (給某人)帶來困難
    • 2. 紛爭; 打鬥; 動亂 relationship troubles 家庭矛盾 the police had come expecting trouble and were in full riot gear 警察預料到會有暴亂,所以身穿全套防暴服趕來
    • 3. 不便 it's no trouble (at all)! (一點兒都)不麻煩! it's so much trouble preparing all the ingredients 準備所有的配料太費事了
    • 4. 病痛 heart trouble 心臟病 back trouble 背痛


    • 1. 煩惱 to tell sb. one's troubles 向某人訴苦 to listen to sb.'s troubles 聽某人訴苦


    • 1. 困擾 I wonder what's troubling her 我不知道甚麼事讓她愁眉苦臉 it is going to cost a lot of money, but don't let that trouble you 這要花很多錢,但你不要擔心
    • 2. 麻煩 sorry to trouble you! is this your car? 對不起,打擾您一下!這是您的車嗎? may I trouble you for the butter/your signature? 麻煩遞一下黃油/簽一下名好嗎?
    • 3. 使疼痛 my back is troubling me again 我的背又開始痛了 to be troubled by or with sth. 受某病痛折磨

    v refl

    • 1. 勞神 don't trouble yourself! 別費心了! they didn't trouble themselves to explain 他們沒有費神去解釋


    • 1. 費心 don't trouble 別費心了 don't trouble about me: I'll be OK 不用擔心我,我不會有事的
    • 2. 憂慮 to trouble about or over or with sb./sth. 為某人/某事物擔心 she was too concerned with her own feelings to trouble about mine 她一味地想著自己的感受,都不關心我怎麼想


    1. difficulty or problems

    2. the malfunction of something such as a machine or a part of the body

    3. effort or exertion made to do something, especially when inconvenient

    4. a cause of worry or inconvenience

    5. a particular aspect of something regarded as unsatisfactory or as a source of difficulty

    6. public unrest or disorder


    「1. public unrest or disorder」的反義字