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  1. trouser suit


    • n.
      a pair of trousers and a matching jacket worn by women.
    • noun: trouser suit, plural noun: trouser suits

  2. 知識+

    • 中翻英:我要面試了但是我不知道要穿什麼衣服!

      ...interview soon but have no idea what to wear! Should I be in a suit or a trouser suit? 我之前做的是網路案件推廣的工作, 但是後來爸爸換公司了,我也就沒有...

    • 專業服飾的英文 skirt suit=裙(式)套裝

    • ”迷彩”的英文怎麼說

      迷彩 camouflage 迷彩衣(褲) camouflage suit (trousers) 2006-04-10 22:26:59 補充: 他今天穿了一件迷彩衣(褲),He wore a camouflage suit and a pair of camouflage trousers today.