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  1. truck farming


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    • 交通工具和地點的英文~~

      car: bus,bike,van, train,tank,pick-up,truck,motorcycle, airplane,helicapter,jet,spaceship,hot balloon ship,boat,cruise,ferry, place: park,museum,restaurant,pub,department store,outlet, amusement park,forest,desert,downtown, resort,oasis,plaza,university, campus,casino,gym,factory

    • 請幫我翻譯4題..謝謝

      ...不通順的地方 請別介意喔 1.Our family drove to my aunt's farm in our pickup truck. 我們的家人開著我們的輕型貨車到我伯母的農場 2.Mom said that...

    • 想請問一篇英文克漏字問題請會的幫我解答

      ...and money(愛情,工作,家庭,金錢),friends and enemies(朋友和敵人), trucks and highways(卡車和公路), farms and crops(農田和作物) 這些事情都略有所知 (= knows something about...