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  1. trust company


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    • 各位英文達人~~請幫我英翻中~~~勿用翻譯軟體

      ... are the person or institutions(such as a bank or trust company)who manage your trust. 這是全本書中最重要的一個課題. 成功的信託取決於...

    • 什麼是「a trust-fund hippie」?

      ...生前或還健在的時候就會為孩子準備一筆基金/資金(funds)交給信託公司(trust company)(銀行)幫baby理財,讓他未來的生活獲得某種程度的保障,甚至一隻寵物貓或狗...

    • 急, 中翻英 (Formal英文為主) 20點

      翻譯: 1.Our department trusts your company to load the container in 200x/xx/xx, the following... the person handling of your company to deal with as soon as possible at that time . 3.