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    • 請問”因此勸.....就回去了”英文該如何表達?

      So try to persuade people to want to pay attention to: Intentions , time , attitude , method , therefore...speak deeply, the very important point is that the trust wants enough while trying to persuade. Pay and believe in , can't accept yet after paying others , because...

    • Persuade

      ...呢 2010-03-28 03:00:28 補充: 如果把句子改成 Mr. Wang will try to persuade his son into applying for jobs 就沒錯了 2010-03-28 21:17...

    • 英文法請解析

      companies try to persuade people to buy their products by advertising...there are programs on tv that ____a_____ how to do things. (a)explain (b)explains (c)explaining...