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    • 難受的,惱人的
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    • try是蝦米

      vt. 及物動詞試圖; 努力[+to-v]We'll try to improve our teaching methods. 我們要設法改進教學方法...out. 這個方法似乎不錯, 但需要試驗一下。試著推(或開)(門, 窗等)We tried the door, but it was locked. 我們試著開門, 但是門鎖上了。審理...

    • try to do VS try doing

      try基本上可以分三個用法,兩個是try to do 和 try doing,另一個是try N, 我各舉個例子...像是try to find out my book 我盡力得在找出我的書。 (2)try doing something(就是試試看的意味) try finding out...

    • die trying

      ...例如 I stand talking. I sit eating. 3. catch it or die trying. 不得到絕不放棄 ******** 2010-09-12 14:36:24 補充: 翻譯為得到否則絕不放棄...