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  1. tumour

    • KK[ˋtjumɚ]
    • DJ[ˋtju:mə]


    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • Q: tumour & humour ?

      Is there a tumour in your humour,你的幽默感裡有個腫瘤嗎? (意即「你的幽默感呢?」)這是出自ROBBIE WILLIAMS嗎?

    • 有個英文文法不了解

      ...那一塊」來當判斷的標準。拿你的句子來舉例: This makes such tumors highly resistant to radiation and chemotherapy. 在and後面接的是chemotherapy(化學治療...

    • 病理報告 (尋求專業人員的翻譯~急著要!拜託!)

      Gastric tumor, mid-body, excisional biopsy-Consistent with malignant lymphoma...of the mucosa, and marked crushing artifact of the lymphoid tumor cells over the widened lamina prppria of mucosa without lymphoepithelial...