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  1. turn

    • IPA[tɜːn]



    • vi.
      轉動; 以某事物為中心; 依賴某事物;轉向; 轉彎; 轉變
    • vt.
    • n.
      轉動;轉向; 轉身
    • 過去式:turned 過去分詞:turned 現在分詞:turning

    • 名詞複數:turns

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 轉動; 以某事物為中心; 依賴某事物 the handle was rusted and wouldn't turn 把手生鏽了,轉不動 to turn and face sb. 轉過身面對某人
    • 2. 轉向; 轉彎; 轉變 to turn (to the) left 向左轉 he turned into a doorway along the corridor 他拐進走廊上的一個門廊裡
    • 3. 折返 she turned and came back 她掉頭回來了 ‘no turning’ “禁止轉彎”
    • 4. 變餿
    • 5. 變化 to turn into sth. 變成某事物 the situation was rapidly turning into a farce 這一局面正迅速演變成一場鬧劇
    • 6. 變枯黃 as autumn advanced, all the leaves turned 隨著秋意漸濃,樹葉都變了顏色


    • 1. 轉動 to turn a knob/handle/switch/key to the right 把旋鈕/拉手/開關/鑰匙向右轉 to turn sth. through 90°/180° 把某物轉90度/180度
    • 2. 掉轉 can you turn your face this way a little? 你把臉向這邊轉一點好嗎? to turn one's attention/mind to sth. 把注意力/心思轉到某事
    • 3. 翻; 翻轉 to be idly turning the pages of a magazine 在悠閒地翻看雜誌 to turn the pillowcases 把枕套翻個個兒
    • 4. 變化 to turn sb./sth. ... 使某人/某物變成… to turn sth. white/black 把某物變白/變黑
    • 5. 達到; 超過 she's just turned thirty 她剛滿30歲 it's just turned five (o'clock) 剛過5點
    • 6. 推開; 轉移 the keeper managed to turn the shot past the post 守門員將球擋出了門柱 I tried to turn the discussion towards a safer topic 我儘量把討論引到比較安全的話題上
    • 7. 車削; 造 the spindles were turned on a lathe 這些轉軸是在一臺車床上車出來的 he seems incapable of turning a reasonably elegant sentence 他看來寫不出像樣的文雅句子


    • 1. 轉動 to give a screw/handle a couple of turns 把螺絲/把手擰幾下 a complicated series of leaps and turns 一系列複雜的跳躍和轉體
    • 2. 轉向; 轉身 a left turn 左轉 ‘no right turn’ “禁止右轉”
    • 3. 彎道 the road is full of twists and turns 這條路彎彎曲曲 a left turn 左轉彎
    • 4. 轉變; 發展; 即將變質 a turn in or of sth. 某事的轉變 a turn of events 事態變化
    • 5. 輪到的機會 a turn to do sth. 輪到的做某事的機會 it's your turn to make the coffee 該你煮咖啡了
    • 6. 傾向 to have an enquiring/enterprising turn of mind 有好學之心/進取心 a turn of phrase 措詞
    • 7. 不適感 a dizzy turn 一陣眩暈 it gave me quite a (nasty) turn 這讓我(著實)嚇了一跳
    • 8. 服務 to do sb. a good/bad turn 幫某人的忙/壞某人的事 one good turn deserves another 要知恩圖報
    • 9. 小節目; 表演者 a comic/variety turn 喜劇/雜耍節目


    1. move or cause to move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis or point

    2. perform (a somersault or cartwheel)

    3. twist or sprain (an ankle)

    4. change the position of one's body so that one is facing in a different direction

    5. move (something) so as to be aimed or pointed in a particular direction

    6. change or cause to change direction

    7. change or cause to change in nature, state, form, or colour; become or make

    8. pass the age or time of

    9. (with reference to milk) make or become sour

    10. start doing or becoming involved with

    11. go on to consider next

    12. shape (something) on a lathe

    13. an act of moving something in a circular direction around an axis or point

    14. a bend or curve in a road, path, river, etc.

    15. a change of direction when moving

    16. a place where a road meets or branches off another; a turning


    「1. start doing or becoming involved with」的反義字

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    • turn的片語(turn up....)

      1.turn one's mind /thoughts/attention to sth...注意力.)灌注在某事物上例 :Please turn your attention to something more important...'s still waiting for good luck to turn up.       (他仍在期待好運出現) 

    • excitement turning

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    • turn-about和about-turn有何分別?

      Turn about 和 about turn 都是解作一百ハ十度調轉頭,不過也有不同的地方: Turn about 和 turn around 一樣,可以解原地調轉頭,或向前作一個圓圈式的調頭...