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  1. turn about

    • ph.
      依次地, 輪流地;(使)轉身; (使)回頭
    • 釋義


    • 1. 依次地, 輪流地
    • 2. (使)轉身; (使)回頭 The whole army had to be turned about to face the new enemy coming from behind. 全軍不得不掉轉頭來對付後面新來的敵人。
    • 3. 轉變, 改變意見 The chairman seems to have turned about. 主席似乎已經改變了自己的主張。
    • 4. 反覆思考 He was still turning the idea about when he fell asleep. 他入睡時還在反覆考慮這個主意。