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  1. turn on sth.

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    • 1. 以某事物為主要議題 The discussion turned on the need for better public health care. 討論的主要議題是必須改善大眾保健服務。 The success of a picnic usually turns on the weather. 參加野餐是否盡興, 通常要看天氣好壞。
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    • turn的片語(turn up....)

      ...關閉例:Please turn off the water.         (請關掉自來水)5.turn sth on 打開.轉開.開啟例: Turn the radio on.                (打開收音機...

    • 英文片語配對問題

      ...撿起來) ===> the garbage, your coat, your sth. put away (收拾) ===> the newpapers, the ...丟掉) ===> the garbage, the newspaper, your coat, etc. turn on (把 "電器" 打開) ===> the microwave, your...

    • 英文解答及文法

      C(agree on/about sth) C(enable sb to do sth) A(suggest that we (should)try other ways...主詞所以用單數is D同上題 A/C (advise someone to do sth) (advise that someone (should)do sth) C(that做連接詞引領子句)