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  1. turn one's back on

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    • 1. 轉過身不理 He's always been kind to me. I can't just turn my back on him now because he's ill and poor. 他一直對我很好,現在他貧病交加,我可不能不加理會。
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    • 有人知道「絕不背棄夢想」的英文嗎

      ...背棄夢想 絕不: never; absolutely not 背棄: abandon; give up; cease/stop one's effort on; turn one's back on; do away with 以上用語可以兩者交互搭配, 例如: I'll never abandon...

    • 急求三民英文第4冊第1課的單字及片語

      ...count on 依靠,指望 5. take over 承擔,接替(責任等) 6. in the face of 面臨 7. turn one's back on 枉顧,漠視;不理睬,拒絕(幫助) 8. on somebody's behalf/ on behalf of somebody...

    • turn的片語(turn up....)

      1.turn one's mind /thoughts/attention to...轉開.開啟例: Turn the radio on.                (打開收音機)6.turn (sb/sth) back   從原路回去/折回例:It's...