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  1. turn out

    • vi.
    • vt.
      關; 熄滅;騰空; 掏空; 把…倒出
    • 釋義


    • 1. 結果是 it's turned out nice again 後來天氣又好了 to turn out to be sth. 結果是某事物
    • 2. 出現 a large crowd turned out in the streets 街上冒出了一大群人 to turn out for sth./to do sth. 為某事/做某事出來
    • 3. 向外撇 my feet turn out slightly 我的腳稍稍有點兒外八字
    • 4. 起床 we all turned out bright and early 我們都一大早起床了


    • 1. 關; 熄滅 turn out the candle before you come to bed 睡覺前先吹滅蠟燭
    • 2. 騰空; 掏空; 把…倒出 I'm going to turn out my desk 我要清理我的寫字檯 I turned the blancmange out on a large plate 我把牛奶凍倒在大盤子上
    • 3. 生產; 培養; 寫 we've turned out some top-rate scientists despite our lack of funds 儘管我們缺乏資金,卻培養出了一批頂尖科學家
    • 4. 伸出 the ballet students all turned out their toes on cue 芭蕾舞學生全都按提示伸出腳尖
    • 5. 趕走 the landlord turned us out 房東將我們趕了出來 go and turn him out of bed 去把他從床上弄起來
    • 6. 召集 turn out the guard! 集合衛兵!
    • 7. 以…裝束出現 to turn out a whole cast in Elizabethan costumes 身穿一整套伊麗莎白女王一世時代的服裝