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  1. turn out

    • ph.
      prove to be the case;end, happen, or develop in a particular way
    • 釋義


    • 1. prove to be the case
    • 2. end, happen, or develop in a particular way
    • 3. extinguish a light
    • 4. go somewhere in order to do something, especially to attend a meeting, to play a game, or to vote
    • 5. be dressed in the manner specified
    • 6. produce something
    • 7. eject or expel someone from a place
    • 8. empty something, especially one's pockets
    • 9. clean out a drawer, room, etc. by taking out and reorganizing its contents
    • 10. tip prepared food from a mould or other container
    • 11. call a guard from the guardroom