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  1. turn over

    • vi.
      翻身; 側翻;翻頁
    • vt.
      使…翻過來;使…翻倒; 使…翻身
    • 釋義


    • 1. 翻身; 側翻 he turned over and went to sleep 他翻了個身睡著了 the boat turned over, and we were all thrown into the water 船翻了,我們都被甩到了水裡
    • 2. 翻頁 I turned over and read on 我翻過一頁接著讀
    • 3. 空轉


    • 1. 使…翻過來 help me turn the table over 幫我把桌子翻過來
    • 2. 使…翻倒; 使…翻身 a big wave striking the ship side on could turn it right over 巨浪打到船舷上,足以將船掀翻
    • 3. 移交 customs officials turned the man over to the police 海關官員把那個男子移交給了警方
    • 4. 搶劫 burglars had turned the house over 盜匪們洗劫了這所住宅
    • 5. 考慮 I've been turning over what you said 我一直在考慮你的話 to turn sth. over in one's mind 考慮某事
    • 6. 營業額為 the company turns over 150 million dollars a year 這家公司的年營業額為1.5億美元
    • 7. 銷售 we can't turn this line over fast enough to make it worth stocking in quantity 這種產品無法迅速售出,不值得大量囤貨
    • 8. 使…空轉
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    • 英文片語Turn over a new leaf的來源

      ...early to paper (leaf of a book) which then provided many idioms such as turn over a new leaf (late 16th century)... 這段說明了Turn over a new leaf之所以成為...

    • 這裡的turn over該如何處理??

      "turn over" also has the meaning of "移交給" !!! 2012-05-21 11:11:46 補充: In fact, "turn over" have many other uses, such as, when you have rental properties...

    • against&turn over 的用法?

      1. turn the operation over to 把作業交付(別人或其他單位) 例子: (1) we now turn the operation...也就是說 "改變主意" 例子: (1) The desicion is turned over in his/her/their mind. (2) My opinion is...